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Application Controls

Only permitted application is allowed to a specified remote user. No more exploring the entire server. Better security and confidentiality.

ServerLink’s embedded Application Control function allows the administrator to publish any application available in the server for clients to access based on the user account. The administrator will just have to click on the user name and check the published application to assign the permitted application to a specified user. Application Control can be assigned by users or users group.

Hide Server Drives: The easiest tool to secure your Terminal Server disk drives!

ServerLink Hide Server Drives tool enables the Terminal Services (TSE) or Citrix administrator to easily hide the server disk drives when users open a remote session. ServerLink Hide Server Drives does more than just hide the Terminal Server drives. It also hides all of the root folders and the user profile folders of the 2003/2008 Terminal server. Doing so, a user’s browsing files within a session will not show anything: neither the server drives nor any of the other users’ “Document and Settings” folders, system and data files. ServerLink Hide Server Drives is an easy-to-use, efficient and smart program to secure your TSE or Citrix server drives (Windows 2008, Windows 2003 or W2000 servers).