With new work from home systems being introduced, remote offices and mobile employees are becoming a norm. Hence, every business needs secure desktop security and the RDS Knight is our answer. The RDS Knight leads the way in providing highly configurable security solutions to various businesses around the globe, perfectly scaled to the size of the enterprise.

RDS Knight
Homeland Protection
A major feature of the RDS Knight is its homeland protection. It acts as a protection which keeps open remote sessions safe from any and all foreign attackers.
Brute-Force Defender
The RDS Knight is also equipped with a brute-force defender. This is key to any business as it halts brute force attacks with ease through blacklisting suspicious IP addresses and having a strict limit on failed login attempts.
Another important aspect of the RDS Knight is its configurable permissions. Through this, businesses have a firm grip on inspecting users and group permissions for folders and files, all at the ease of just one click.
Working Hours Restriction
A working-hour restriction is also built into the RDS Knight. This crucial feature limits and controls the time users can access a remote server.
Guaranteed Protection
The RDS Knight ultimate protection builds on the permission feature to great effect. Here, it is distinct in that it allows for inspection and management of users and group permissions on folders and files.
One Click to Secure Desktop
The one click to secure desktop feature that the RDS Knight provides is key to any business. With that, this feature allows for simple remote access group policy control.
End-Point Device Protection
Another handy feature of the RDS Knight is its end-point device protection. Many businesses can expect to avoid any unwanted interruptions from foreign sources as this feature will restrict access by device name.
Ransomware Protection
With ransomware being a dangerous cyber threat as it is, the RDS Knight ransomware protection feature is your best solution. This stops ransomware through quick blocking of its attacks.


Remote Desktop Security

With all its amazing features, the RDS Knight is a no-brainer which all businesses should have as their choice for remote desktop security. The use of the RDS Knight across various industries has earned its name as the silver bullet against cyber threats, which speaks volumes of its effectiveness. Download yours today and reap the benefits.

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