DoubleShield - AutoCount Backup Server

DoubleShield – AutoCount Backup Server

DoubleShield is the AutoCount backup server solution that protects your important accounting data against hardware failures, human errors, natural disasters, viruses, ransomware, and more. Get in touch with us today to get your DoubleShield protection!

Features Summary

Double Layer Protection with Snapshot Technology​

On top of automated backup, Autocount Backup Server protects your accounting data by generating snapshots from your backup each day, which will hold up to a maximum of 30 snapshot copies. With these double protection, even if the ransomware gets through the first layer of daily backup, you will still have the alternative to recover your data from your snapshots.

Ransomware Activity Detection System (RADS)

Ransomware Activity Detection System (RADS) is Autocount Backup Solution’s countermeasure against hidden ransomware with the objective of encrypting or corrupting all your backup copies without you knowing because the ransomware authors know that if you still have any clean backup, you will not pay for the ransom.

With RADS, we can detect hidden ransomware much earlier, normally in the initial stage of the attack. So we can isolate the affected device and start the recovery much earlier, thus minimising data loss and avoiding business-threatening downtime.

Automated Accounting Data Backup

Autocount Backup Solution offers a secured automated backup of your accounting data to its remote servers, where you can access and restore when necessary. Say goodbye to the hassle of doing manual backup yourself.

Offsite Backup

All backup copies and snapshots are securely stored in Autocount Backup Solution’s remote servers. In the event of hardware failure, natural disaster, human error or ransomware attack, you can access your backup copies from offsite servers and perform data restoration easily.

Pre-Sale FAQ

What is Autocount Backup Solution and how does it work?

Autocount Backup Solution is a two-layered protection solution designed to protect your important accounting data from virus infection, ransomware, human error and sabotages.

On the first layer, Autocount Backup Solution provides automated backup of your accounting data to off-site servers, saving multiple versions of your files, where you can access and restore them when necessary. As the backup is set to run daily and automatically, you don’t need to worry about the hassle of doing manual backup or forgetting to back-up.

Autocount Backup Solution’s second layer of protection is equipped with the snapshots feature, checking copies of your backup (from the first layer) and storing them in different timestamps. Without access for users to edit or remove anything, this second layer of protection prevents any user sabotages or ransomware infection to all the original snapshot copies, allowing you to restore versions of your accounting backup files to a specific time prior to the ransomware infection or sabotages.

How is Autocount Backup Solution different from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc?

Google Drive and Dropbox are meant for file collaboration with file versioning, which is also provided in Autocount Backup Solution’s first layer of protection. However, the main difference lies at the second layer of protection, which is not available in Google Drive or Dropbox, and where Autocount Backup Solution uses the snapshot technology to protect your accounting backup files from ransomware and sabotages. Refer to the FAQ below to learn why file versioning isn’t the solution for a proper backup.

Isn’t Dropbox/Google Drive file versioning enough to protect my data?

Some may argue that file versioning is good enough. However, do take note that Google/Dropbox file versioning is limited to only 30 days. Any versions older than 30 days will be deleted forever. We have also tested on Google Drive with file versioning and found out that after the 100th version, the very first version of the file will be gone. This very first version could be the only genuine copy that you need that is not corrupted/locked by the Ransomware.

Even with unlimited versions like Dropbox, ransomware could generate hundreds of thousands of versions, burying the uninfected versions deep down. It would probably take you days or weeks of scrolling from page to page before you could find that version. That’s if you could continuously click for the next page (every page has 20 versions) non-stop until you reach your file, as you may be automatically logged out if you left it idle for too long.

You may ask, can ransomware really change my files 100 thousand times? Possibly, given enough time and the efficient synchronization of Dropbox, ransomware can go stealth for quite some time changing your backup files before it strikes your functioning database files.

Or the ransomware may decide to stay stealth for more than 30 days, so your last genuine version of the accounting backup has been deleted by the Dropbox/Google Drive before it strikes and leaves you with all the corrupted backup copies and versions.

Or the ransomware may decide to change your file names and create thousands of garbage files so you are not able to identify which is the file with the right working version.

Or the ransomware may delete your backup file on the desktop, and make it disappear from your dropbox.

AutoCount Backup Server - DoubleShield

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