Caresoft Distribution provides an Autocount Inventory System that can help your business keep track of your stock and inventory. It is a simple and effective system that ensures that your inventory is managed efficiently. The system also keeps track of your inventory through batch numbers, so it can keep track of different batches and also of expiry dates if your products are food or drug related.

AutoCount Inventory System
Stock Assembly
Our AutoCount Inventory System can also help your company determine your company’s stock assembly. It will keep track of the inventory used to create your products.
Stock Costing
Our system also recalculates stock costing in case the prices and cost of your inventory changes from time to time. This saves you time from calculating your stock costing manually.
Determining Global Price Changes
If your company uses stock and the pricing is regulated worldwide, our system allows you to check and change the pricing of your inventory. This helps you keep track of global price changes.
Stock Card with Multi Select Items
Our system also allows you to open a stock card with multiple items. A stock card with multiple selected items can help you determine the total inventory, including all items in the orders.
Multi Dimensional Sales Analysis
You can view a multi-dimensional sales analysis of your inventory using our system. This allows you to keep track of all the items in your inventory that you have sold.
Monthly Purchase Analysis
Other than the sales analysis, you can also view your monthly purchase analysis through our system. With this feature, you can view all of your company’s purchases on a monthly basis.
Purchase Analysis through Documents
Through our system, you can also view your company’s purchase analysis through documents. You can download the documents through our system if you want to use them for future reference.
Peace of Mind
Get the AutoCount Inventory system to get your business run efficiently and keeping all your stocks and inventory in place. Giving you a peace of mind to manage your business easily.



Smoothly & Efficiently

With all of our features on the Autocount Inventory System, it will undoubtedly assist you in running your business and ensuring that all stock and inventory operations run smoothly and efficiently. It will also help you keep track of all your inventory and help you differentiate them by batch. Contact Caresoft Distribution to get your Autocount Inventory System!

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