Caresoft Distribution has one of the best Autocount Cloud Payroll systems currently available on the market. Our system helps you streamline your process and keeps track of all the information about your employees. Our system can help you with HR operations and make your payroll process more efficient for your company.

AutoCount Cloud Payroll
Employee Dashboard
All employees can view general information such as statistics, to-do lists, pending approvals, application status and notifications. Employees can view all necessary information after being granted permission.
Self Service Portal
Employees can now apply for leave, claims, check their leave balance and claim status and even access their payslip through this portal. This allows employees to do all this themselves without troubling the HR department.
Organization Chart
Our system allows you to create an organization chart on our system. This allows you to manage your company’s employees efficiently and your company’s hierarchy as well, with a chart.
In an EPF / SOCSO / ISE personnel setting, our system also sends reminders to your employees. This assists you in managing your employees and ensuring that everyone adheres to statutory and bank compliances.
Data Security
Our system uses safety protocols to ensure that all your company data is safe. To help protect your account, our system employs Microsoft Azure, one of the world’s most secure platforms, as well as two authentication methods.
Your Own Unique Formula
Our system allows you to create your own formula for your company to determine allowances, OT, deductions and so on. On our system, you can create this formula for free.
Customised Payslip
You can also design your company’s payslip within our system. With a variety of customizable options available at no additional cost, you can make it one-of-a-kind and appropriate for your business.
Integration with AutoCount Accounting
You can also integrate Autocount Cloud Payroll with Autocount Accounting to ensure that all your company’s transactions are all in sync. This also makes sure that all your payroll related transactions are taken into account.



Help with HR & Payroll Operations

With all the features that are offered with AutoCount Cloud Payroll, it is definitely one of the best systems on the market for you and your company to help with HR and payroll operations. Contact us today at Caresoft Distribution to get your AutoCount Cloud Payroll.

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